"Elevate Safety and Style: Handrails and Other Services"

Custom Metal Handrails

Metal Handrails

Metal handrails offer a sturdy and stylish solution for safety and support. These handrails provide durability and style in various environments. We recommended Metal Handrails for the elements of outside.
Custom Staircase Handrails

Custom handrails

Custom handrails are crafted to elevate both safety and design to match your taste. Tailored to specific spaces, these handrails enhance both the safety and looks aspects of staircases or walkways. Contact Us Today!
Repair Handrail progress

Repair Handrails

We Repair handrails back to its original design. We have safety and design to match the existing handrail. Need a Repair? Call Today!

Repair handrail Process:

  • Assessment: We Inspect the handrails for damage, rust, loose screws, or any other issues.
  • Cleaning: We use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove rust and debris. Clean the surface thoroughly with a metal cleaner or solvent.
  • Repairing Rust: If there's rust, we use a rust converter to stop its progression. For minor rust, sanding and painting may be sufficient.
  • Welding: If there are broken sections, we weld what is necessary to reattach them securely. This step requires proper equipment and skills.
  • Replacing Parts: If certain parts are irreparably damaged, then we may need to be replaced. Ensure the replacements match the original design and are securely installed.
  • Painting or Coating: Once repairs are complete, we apply a primer and then paint or coat the handrails to protect them from future corrosion.
  • Final Inspection: We double check the handrails thoroughly to ensure all repairs are properly done and the structure is safe and stable.

Other Services We provided :

  • Window Guards
  • Drain- lids
  • Emergency Lock boxes
  • Small Wrought Iron Repairs
  • Wireless/Wifi access remote
  • Gate Remote programing
  • Gate Repairs